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Convert WMA to MP3 Software
WMA to MP3 Converter

The TuneCab Media Converter software includes a powerful feature to convert WMA to MP3, convert WMA to AAC, convert WMA to WAV, etc. with ease. You may convert any kind of WMA files including protected* files. To use the feature to convert Windows Media Audio (WMA)** files to MP3, click "Select Files" from the main toolbar and add corresponding files for conversion. Another way to convert WMA to MP3 is to drag-n-drop corresponding files or folders from explorer to TuneCab Media Converter list of files for conversion. You may easily convert your whole media library consisting of WMA and other types of files to MP3 with just dragging-n-dropping the root folder of your music files to TuneCab Media Converter list of files for conversion. The conversion process is performed in batch mode, which means that you can easily convert an entire list of audio files with very little effort. Supported target formats are MP3, M4A or WAV and more. You can also change the compression for MP3 files, such as converting from one MP3 bitrate to another (320 kbps to 128 kbps, for example). Conversion is very fast and easy to use. Advanced options are available for those who want to take advantage of them, though they are completely optional, making TuneCab Media Converter the perfect Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 converter software for users of any experience level.

*TuneCab Media Converter can convert protected WMA to MP3, AAC or WAV in case if your music file was legally obtained and can be played on your PC by Windows Media Player.
**Windows Media Audio (WMA) is a proprietary compressed audio format developed by Microsoft.

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